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Surge Analytics (2).png

We helped the largest Canadian construction materials supplier automate truck allocation and improve truck utilization for deliveries

Truck Routing

Supply Chain Optimization 

Increasing Profitability when there is no Capacity

We were tasked with one question - How to best maximize profitability. Simple, right?

We found an overall opportunity to increase profitability by 4M per year and set in motion a phased approach for execution.

Lots of Data

We worked closely with various departments to gather, consolidate and analyze purchasing, operations, sales and shipping data, creating a beginning-to-end view for each item produced.

More Data


We then gathered and added operations data to the model, including equipment capacities and bottlenecks, line speeds, waste amounts. We analyzed potential upgrades and capital costs associated with each upgrade.

Optimization of Everything

We created optimization models to find negative and low profitability products, impact of equipment upgrades on profitability. Using our model, we assessed each possibility and found the best alternative to increase the profitability within the given budget

Bringing it to Life

We created a tiered roadmap of actions leading to increased profitability. The roadmap ranged from addressing lowest profitability products, to recommending desirable capital projects. This roadmap allowed for a successful execution.


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