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Truck Routing

We helped one of the largest Canadian food distributors automate truck allocation and improve truck utilization for deliveries.

Helping automate truck allocation, while maintaining current customer service levels.

All of Our Deliveries Are Different

We worked closely with the shipping team to understand the complexity of shipping planning such as variability of materials, material sizes, customer site restrictions, truck types, loading patterns, conflicting material bundles. All of these considerations were included into our optimization model.

Let's Fill-Up Our Trucks


One of the key objectives was to increase truck utilization. By-hand method could not provide the largest possible utilization, due to the sheer number of orders each day. We created an optimization system to maximize the utilization of trucks going out for delivery.

Speed in Execution

Additional Sales Orders come in late, and

re-runs are common. We ensured that the optimization can be executed quickly, despite the enormous number of restrictions considered.

New Opportunities

In additional to an automated shipping system, the systematic optimization approach allowed the shipping department to explore options of shipping material from various warehouses. New combinations were discovered that were not possible previously.

Shipping Optimization

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