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Shipping Optimization

We built an optimization tool that saves over $300,000 per year in shipping costs

Shipping Optimization
Some of the Customers are Flexible

When it comes to delivery dates, there are customers that accept early or late deliveries without penalties, while others are strict. Furthermore, there are customers that allow a certain amount of late deliveries per annum. We included this consideration in our optimization, to ensure that the quality of customer service remains strong

Varying Rates Per Location

We had to gather and analyze historical shipping data to establish rates per mile for each end location. Our solution, designed to include rates for each location, yields the best route based not just kilometers driven, but overall cost of shipping

Improved Relationships with Trucking Companies

The increased consistency of routes, derived from our model, helped improve relationships with trucking companies. We helped secure the best rates for repeating routes, while minimizing the overall costs

Putting it all Together

Our solution helped our client move away from a manual approach, reduce planning time, and reduce shipping costs while keeping all current client considerations and customer service levels

How to help a food manufacturer deliver weekly orders in the cheapest way possible?


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