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Changing Maintenance from Reactive to Preventive

Our solution helped Furlani's evolve in real-time, forecast maintenance, staffing requirements and benchmark employee performance. They were able to reduce equipment downtime by 40%


How to help the largest Canadian garlic bread producer forecast maintenance requirements and reduce downtime?

Partners in Design

We partnered with Furlani's Foods to design a maintenance forecasting tool that would be easily implemented and understood by the operation and management teams.

Setting Standards

We gathered and analyzed maintenance insights on each piece of equipment, using historical data and manufacturing recommendations. We created a forecasting model to streamline preventive maintenance and minimize downtime, associated with breakdowns.

Improvement of Completion Times

Our collaborative work allowed us to set realistic improvement targets and set them in motion, while continuously monitoring deviations. We were able to decrease downtime by over 40%, while increasing production output

Clear Roadmap Forward

Our efforts allowed to forecast the time requirement to complete all Work Orders and understand the impact of each piece of equipment on the overall utilization.

Preventive Maintenance Tool

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